What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a patient's own blood, concentrated & separated to harvest the platelets with stem cells for application to a site of injury.

PRP then aids & enhances the healing process, helps protect against infection, and accelerates recovery.

PRP releases growth factors to recruit components already in the blood, accelerate the healing process, but at a faster rate.

It is a procedure that enhances what the body naturally does in the normal healing process, but at a faster rate.
It is safe procedure with minimal risk because it is the patient's own blood.

Platelets Power

Platelets are the formed elements in the blood that are the "first responders" at the site of injury.

They help grow the foundation for tissue to regenrate quickly with less scaring.

Sanagel enables the harvesting & processing of a patient's blood in order to utilize the power of their own platelets to accelerate the healing process.